Applicator audits

As a business owner/ manager, it is often difficult to keep track on what is happening on the factory floor and it can lead you to wonder whether your client is receiving the best piece of your companies work. The AISF can help you assure your work meets the high standards you demand from your staff and complies with the relevant Australian Standards.

We can arrange third party, independent Audits which will check your compliance to the relevant Australian Standards. Currently the AISF are able to assist with the following Audits:

Accredited Powder Coater

The AISF are currently developing an all inclusive Accredited Powder Coater Audit program.  This program will have the emphasis and on being an all inclusive system, tested to the Australian Standards to withstand the Australian environment. 

Contact the AISF today to express your interest in participating in this program. 


The AISF have developed and implemented Australia's own Ano-Audit system which audits processes within anodising to the relevant Australian Standard, AS1231.

Qualicoat & Qualideco

The AISF have decided to withdraw as the Master License holder for the Qualicoat Auditing System.  This decision was not taken lightly by the Directors of the AISF and was made with support of the 9 Australian Qualicoat licensed applicators.  This decision was based upon geographical issues which were unresolvable.

All audits conducted via the AISF are conducted as a confidential.


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