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    • 1 Jul 2022

    The AISF invite all members to register their interest in participating in our Audit & Accreditation program.  

    Businesses all over the world see the benefits to auditing their procedures and maintaining accreditation status.

    Here are the top 5 benefits of participating in an industry lead audit & accreditation system:
    1. Increased efficiencies
    2. Identifies strengths and gaps in your processes
    3. Promotes training, communication and staff empowerment
    4. Fosters a culture of quality and safety 
    5. Can decrease risks and liabilities.

    Commencing with an audit and accreditation can be daunting at first, however with the guidance of the AISF, businesses can thrive giving their customers the assurance they seek when choosing an applicator. 

    Currently out Audit and Accreditation Technical Committee are writing the program specifications which will align with the Australian Standards.  We are expecting this program will be launched later this year.

    What are you waiting for, register your interest today and we will update you on when this new system will be launched.


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